Academic Tutorial Outreach Services (ATOS) Tutoring Services

  • ATOS Annual Membership
    • Includes Tutor Effectiveness Training and National Tutor Association membership
  • Private One-on-One Tutoring on all ages and academic levels
  • Group Seminars (minimum 25 participants) 
    • Comprehension and Vocabulary (text book glossary)
    • Tutor Effectiveness Training
    • Tutor Administration

Recommend using Group Board, free online white board, as a convenient way to collaborate during tutoring.

Tutoring Services can be purchased through Pay Pal secure connection, select an item below to get started!

Private One-on-One Tutoring Session $15 per hour

Speed Reading (5 weeks, online, once a week) $60 a person

ACT Group Seminar (5 weeks, online, once a week) $60 a person

Comprehension and Vocabulary Group Seminar $60 a person

Tutor Effectiveness Training Group Seminar $60 a person

Tutor Administration Group Seminar $60 a person

ATOS Annual Membership $25

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